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Monthly Archive: July 2016

EZ Battery Reconditioning Review

EZ battery reconditioning program by Jenny Lewis claims to recondition your old batteries and make them new again. We have a copy of her program and reviewed it for you.  Is it a scam or legit? This review will get you all the answers you need.


Name of creator: Frank Thompson & Tom Ericson

Name of Product: EZ Battery Reconditioning


Money back guarantee: yes

Guarantee period: 60 day guarantee

Review of the program


If you are looking of an effective way to save energy, reduce your power bills and become electrically independent, then battery reconditioning is the most effective way. In cases of power losses, people have always tried to look for other alternatives and ever tried to reduce their consumption of electricity. You can reduce your consumption of energy without having to spend money to get an alternative source of energy or a back-up with EZ battery reconditioning.

What EZ battery reconditioning is


If you would like to know how to recondition old batteries and make them useful again, this is the program that can help you do that. The program has a guide that has a total of 21 chapters that guide users of how to recondition old batteries and make them useful again. The illustrations on the guide are detailed and clear with pictures that help pass the message which makes the EZ battery reconditioning program very useful. The program not only covers skill but also monetizing the battery reconditioning trade.

How does the program work?

Other than offering information and tips on how to recondition batteries, the EZ battery reconditioning program also teaches the user about the different features batteries have including those used in laptops, cars, rechargeable batteries and even long life batteries.

It offers insight on the lifespan of the different batteries on their different uses and also offers vital information on how to maintain the batteries. The core of the program teaches the user how to use cheap, readily available and simple tools to recondition the batteries. To give you a better understanding of the concept, the instructions also have diagrams.

The program also helps to reduce the amount of toxins and landfill in the environment while saving you on your power bills and reducing your consumption.

EZ Battery Reconditioning teaches people how to recondition these batteries:

– Car batteries

– Phone and laptop batteries

– Rechargeable batteries

– Long life batteries

– Batteries used in alternative energy systems

– Deep cycle marine batteries

– Golf cart batteries

– Forklift batteries

– And many other kinds of common batteries!



  • It is affordable and works for every person.
  • It has user-friendly way of passing information with clear, well detailed steps accompanied by photos for easier understanding.
  • It offers a profitable business especially for those reconditioning lead batteries.
  • You can easily use the information and turn it into a business
  • The program is user friendly



  • Hardcopy formats of the program have not yet been created.
  • You can only get the program in a soft copy
  • You need to have an internet connection
  • You cannot get the program if you don’t have access to the internet.


If you want to save up on power and reduce your utility bills, EZ battery reconditioning offers you an effective solution.

The program is also aimed at benefiting the environment by reducing accumulation of toxins and landfills. It can also be monetized by simply downloading the eBook.