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How to Make a Healthy Smoothie with an Energy Smart Juicer

Juicing has been part of the healthy regimen for most people. It is able to offer plenty of advantages. When raw, plants have a lot of good stuff in them. This includes enzymes, vitamins, minerals and even phytonutrients. Juicing allows you to put together different benefits together. However, it is even better to have a smoothie because the thick fluid is more fulfilling and does not take the important aspect of the fruits and vegetables like the fiber out of the fruit. But for this you need a blender, preferably an energy saving one.

Before you sulk at the thought of not having a blender, you should know that in the case of making a smoothie, a blender is only a convenience. There are plenty of ways that you can make smoothies with the help of your Juicer. If you don’t have one, you can start by trying to find the best juicer online.

Once you have your juicer, the next thing that you need to have a great smoothie are the ingredients. In this post, we’ll make a Green smoothie. For this green smoothie, you will need one green apple, half a cup of fresh kale, one fresh lime, one stalk of celery one fresh Kiwi, half a cup of fresh spinach and half a cup of green grapes. Each of these has great properties that offer you a refreshing drink and a plethora of benefits to your body.

After you have all your ingredients together, wash them thoroughly to get rid of any pesticides and dirt. If you want your smoothie to be a healthy one, it does not end with you picking healthy nutrients. It also requires you to have a healthy preparation. Start by making sure that you have a clean environment. If you have to use the chopping board, make sure that it is clean and dry. In most cases, you might suffer a cross contamination if you wash your vegetables and fruits and then use a chopping board that was recently used to chop meat or even chicken.

Since the ingredients will not be cooked, it makes it easy for any parasites in the blood of the chicken or meat to survive and get into your system. So, that should be an area of concern for you. Make sure that you use clean preparation equipment for this process.

After you have thoroughly cleaned your ingredients, chop them up into small pieces to make it easier for the juicer then juice everything together. What you will be having at the end of this is a juice but don’t worry. It will soon be a smoothie.

To convert your juice into a smoothie without the help of a blender, now take a fully ripe avocado and mash it into a pulp. You can then take the mashed up insides of the avocado and add them into your juice. The result will be a very refreshing and thick smoothie.

There are other smoothie recipes that you can make with your low energy juicer, these include an apple and carrot smoothie with the help of plain yoghurt or a kiwi and mango smoothie which is slightly unique since you would smash the mango with a fork to make the smoothie then add some small ice chips.


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