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How To Save Energy At Home

Energy conservation has become a priority in many homes around the world. Energy sources are reducing and the environment is rapidly being effected by this. Not only will you be helping the environment by conserving energy at home, but you will also save a ton of money on electric bills. There is no better time then now to make your home more green.
Somethings to conserve energy at home will cost you a little, though save you money in the long run. There are many things you can do have home to conserve energy that are completely free. These include switching to fluorescent light bulbs, clean all air filters, adjust thermostat temperature, cover your pots while cooking, use a clothes line and set your washing machine on cold or warm. You should also reuse items and recycle as much as possible. Don’t forget to buy green too. Buy recycled or even used items. If you’re in the market for furniture, you can help by purchasing your favorite chair from companies who use sustainable materials in their products, rather than buying from companies who pay no regard to the environment.


Switch to fluorescent light bulbs – You are gong to have to buy light bulbs regardless. So, go ahead and spend a couple extra dollars on fluorescent light bulbs. These light bulbs last up to ten times as long as normal light bulbs. Most importantly, fluorescent bulbs only use one fourth as much energy as your normal bulbs. This cause savings of energy and money.
Clean all air filters – When furnace and air conditioning filters are dirty and clogged up, i cause the appliance to strain and have to use more energy. Routinely cleaning these is a great way to save.
Adjust thermostat temperature – Set your thermometers two degrees lower in the winter and two degrees higher in warmer months. This saves six percent of heating-related CO2 emissions per year.
Cover your pots while cooking – This saves lots of energy while preparing that delectable dish. Pressure cookers and steamers are even better at saving.
Use a clothes line – Using a clothes line instead of an electric dryer can save fourteen-hundred pounds of carbon dioxide a year. That is amazing!

Set washing machine on cold or warm – Washing your clothes in cold water will not only preserve their color, it also saves five hundred pounds of carbon dioxide a year.
Reuse – Reuse everything you can. Plastic grocery sacks can be used in bathroom trash cans and for many other purposes. Also, reuse old milk jugs to put tea or freshly made juice in. This conserves energy and saves you money as well.
Recycle – Keep a separate waste can for aluminum cans. Recycling is a great way to earn a little extra cash. You’ll be giving back to our earth while your doing it. You can’t beat that.


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