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One Person’s Trash is Another Person’s Treasure

Especially When Decluttering a Home Before You Move

We Americans have a wonderful inheritance in Virginia, and a duty to care of the forests and the wetlands that cover 71% of the land. We can no longer afford to ‘solve’ the trash problem with landfills. We have learned how important water and trees are to the survival of our planet, and to the environment our children shall someday inherit.

Relocation from one home to another generates trash to organize sensibly. Companies like American Disposal Services is on standby to assist individuals located in Arlington, Alexandria, Fairfax, Fauquier, Loudoun, Montgomery, and Prince William counties. We wrote these notes to provide help with recycling wherever this is possible. When it is not, waste disposal companies will take it away for you, responsibly.

Make Sure You Are Ahead of the Game

To remain in control and achieve a smooth move, try your best to be ahead of your mover’s schedule. As soon as you know your move date, you can set a program. Go through each room and mark the things you want to keep and the stuff you no longer need. Negotiate moving-in dates with your seller. If you have the keys a few days early, or at least a storage area, you create an overlap that makes relocating easier to plan.

Prepare Your Unwanted Clutter for Collection

In parallel to separating out your clutter from the things you want to keep, find a waste disposal service and ask them to set down a few industry-grade carts with lids and wheels for collection later after you fill them. You will save considerable time by placing items for the charity shop in one, metal for recycling in another, and so on. If you have an accumulation of rubble in the backyard from a past remodeling project, ask them to leave a roll-off dumpster for you to place it when you have a moment.

Moving Out of Condo’s and Apartments

We may not have the luxury of room for a roll-off dumpster in a communal facility, but we do have the advantage of less space to accumulate clutter in the first place. The best advice I can offer is to work around us by removing unwanted material to the local recycling depot in small quantities. Purchase a folding hand luggage trolley online and a plastic container that fits on it. Every bit of junk removed is another step down the road, and a great discipline in every home.

Double Benefits from Gifts to Charity Shops

One person’s trash is another person’s treasure. If you can prove the value of the unwanted item, you can deduct the worth from your federal tax within limits. Confirm the charity of choice by browsing the IRS database. Approved charities can produce certificates showing the tax value of your gift. Ask a local mover for ideas if you do not know where to start. To obtain the best charitable value find a shop that sells similar items to what you want to give away.

Disposing of Potentially Harmful Clutter

It can be amazing the things we find in the corner of the garage, down in the basement and lying forgotten in the attic when we finally clear out. Here we think of old electronic equipment, half-used tins of paint, a neglected auto battery, cleaning chemicals beyond their sell by date, and so on. It is best not to take a chance and dump them in the trash, or risk them leaking in the trunk when we take them to the recycling depot. The best advice we can give is contact a waste disposal specialist, and seek advice.

Staying Ahead of the Game

One thing is for sure and that is a move from one home to another generates a pile of packaging. A reputable removal company uses recyclable packing material, tidies up as it goes along and removes every shred when the move is complete. The outstanding problem is the reams of tissue paper and cardboard boxes we use to wrap our previous things ourselves.

Ask your disposal service to deliver another industry-grade trash cart with lid and wheels to your new address ahead of time, so you have somewhere to put the packaging as you gradually unpack your finer things and set them out. Little details like this and planning ahead of time make the difference between a disruptive move and a pleasant one.

One Last Tip: Be Nice to Yourself Too

By choosing the right removal company and trash disposal service to assist, you largely eliminate the moving hassles you might otherwise have. With your collectibles and other favorites securely in the trunk, you can safely take the day off and leave the worries to the others. Things that spring to mind are take in a movie or visit a gallery you always wanted to see. Our final word on the subject is, have a friend meet you in a restaurant afterwards for a celebratory meal.

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