Energy Star Homes


The ENERGY STAR Homes program is a new construction program based on an energy efficiency standard developed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The EPA’s initiative is supported in Massachusetts and Rhode Island by a consortium of utility companies and energy efficiency service providerswho collaborate to promote the benefits of energy-efficient, high performance homes. ENERGY STAR qualified homes are five-star rated and nationally recognized for greater value, lower operating costs, increased durability, comfort, and safety. In Massachusetts, grants are now available for installing solar electric generation on new homes under the “Small Renewables Initiative.”

Conservation Services Group, Inc. (CSG) administers the ENERGY STAR Homes program in Massachusetts and Rhode Island by providing third party verification to label homes with the EPA’s ENERGY STAR. CSG is a national non-profit energy conservation services company that supports the ENERGY STAR for homes program by providing consulting services to homebuyers, contractors, and industry allies. These services include:

  • ENERGY STAR Qualification
  • design and technical assistance
  • training for builders, architects, building officials, tradespeople, and others interested in high performance building

CSG is dedicated to helping reduce the environmental impact of energy usage for consumers and businesses and to conserving our natural resources.

For more information on how to participate in Massachusetts or Rhode Island visit our Getting Started Page orcontact us directly. For information on building an ENERGY STAR home in states other than Massachusetts and Rhode Island, call the EPA at 888-STAR-YES (888-782-7937) or visit the EPA website.

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